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Ministry of Health recommends getting your teeth cleaned at least once every 6 months, in order to fight gum disease and bad breath. 

A: To book an appointment, just visit our online booking page. Choose your company from the
drop-down menu, then select an available date and time slot that is most convenient for you.
Once you fill out your information you will get a follow-up confirmation email.

A: If you’d like us to visit your office just ask! Fill out our contact form with your information and we’d be more than happy to speak to a representative in your office.

A: The frequency of visits will depend on the size of the company. Generally there will be between 1 to 4 visits a month.

A: Teeth cleaning (ניקוי אבנית) appointments are 30 minutes.

A: Great question! Once you book your appointment you’ll receive a confirmation email and
later on a reminder email, where you’ll be sent all the details. Don’t worry, you won’t have to
go far and if you’re not sure, speak to your HR department, who will have all the details.

A: Of course! That’s the whole idea. None of our procedures will cause you any pain, so you
can go back to work immediately afterwards. We only recommend you wait 30 minutes
before eating. Some people who have sensitive teeth, prefer to have local anaesthetic. In
those cases, it is recommended to wait a few hours before your next meal.

A: Don’t worry. If our service provider informs you that more treatment is needed, you’ll be taken care of.
Upon your request, a visit summary will be sent to you which you can bring to your local dentist. If you don’t have one, we can recommend a qualified dentist that’s close to your office or home. Whichever you prefer.

A: All our equipment is approved by FDA, CE and Ministry of Health and we follow proper equipment sterilization procedures.

A: Absolutely! Advancement in technology has produced state of the art compact and mobile dental units.

A: The Ministry of Health recommends you visit a dentist once a year and get your teeth cleaned every 6 months. Preventative dental care is the best way to save you time and money.

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